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Loan Schemes.


Higher Education Loan


Rate of Interest

 For Society 12 % P.A.

 For Society Members 13 % P.A.



Higher Education Loan  8 Years- 4 Year moratorium period

( 4 yearly installments)

PG FOR 10 Years with - 4 Year moratorium period 

( 6 yearly installments)



Rs.25000 per acre for dry land(un irrigated )    

Rs.50000 per acre for wet land(irrigated)

Loan is sanctioned only for the students who got admission for Engineering Medicine, and Management studies through Entrance Examination like CAT, TOEFEL, AIEEE, CET etc.

Loan is sanctioned in the name of the farmer through the Society.

Rs.5,00,000 for Education within India/Rs.15,00,000 for Education outside India

Tuition Fees as per the Educational Institution

Maximum Limit: 

Tuition fee as per the Institution Prospectus or the ceiling

Amount stipulated for the land holdings or the ceiling

Amount defined for the Education which ever is lower



1.     Prescribed application form

2.     7/12 extract, 8 A, declaration  with sign & stamp

3.   No dues certificate of concern area branches,    Society resolution & branch recommendation